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​​​​Our philosophy is about you - who stand on your ground, believe in your way of living and make life value choices. This philosophy of being “outstanding” is represented in our name, shops and collections.​​


Women's fashion brand

DANLE DING is a sustainable women’s wear brand, with its Fashion studio located in Hamburg, Germany. 

The brand is with unique draped looks, elegant meanwhile powerful, class and yet comfortable to wear.​​​ 

DANLE DING uses fully recyclable fabric, mainly from silk , cotton, wool, cashmere. Synthetic fabric are used by the designer only when it reached the qualification of  EU eco textile, and have a supreme touch of finesse.

We highlight silk dresses , as well as cotton tops in our women's wear summer collections and wool or cashmere coat in our women's wear winter collections.

Sustainable Designer's Fashion Brand​

We want to put our effort to make Women's fashion slower and sustainable, in order to build a better future for our next generation and our Earth Mother. 

We are determined to support handcrafts workers in EU as well as in Far East by cooperating and produce fine quality fashion clothes in each of our collections.​​


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